Malupu 2016 Telugu HDTVRip X264 5.1CH 720P 1GB Team Jaffa

30 Jul

Malupu 2016 HDTVRip X264 5.1CH 720P 1GB Team Jaffa

Malupu 2016 Telugu HDTVRip XviD 5.1CH 2CD Team Jaffa

Story Line

The story is about Saga(Aadi) and his three close friends who get into a tiff with a girl named Priya(Richa) and her boyfriend during the new year’s eve of 2014. As time passes by, all the friends in the group suddenly start getting threats from a Mumbai based don(Mithun Chakravarthy) and his gang.

Shocked by this outcome, Saga decides to apologize to the don on behalf of his friends. Upon landing in Mumbai, he finds out that the don is actually looking out for him with a solid reason.

Who is this don ? What does he have to do with Priya ? and Why is he after Saga’s life. That forms the rest of the story.

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