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As most of you are aware that we recently did a poll where we had 75% of the people who showed positive feedback so we wanted to go with Donator’s requests.

What’s in it for you/What’s going to change?

Simple: Like the name says “Donated users get to request TV Packs and Movies” and the flow of TV Packs/Movies will be increased(As we’ll be getting few more servers).

Special thanks to Luiskiddo and Johnm1979 for coming up with the idea for the poll and your support all along.

BTC: 1JcmaV11paP5J9BWAn8BG4q6c1Gipggmtd
ETH: 0x827e026a05a13e4ee76d221f936d421735df2124

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated

7 Replies to “Support Us

  1. I really appreciate your work. Been a user of this site for more than a year now. I requested Bones, The Mentalist and Mad Men. You did each and every one of them, I think this is the time i pay you guys.

    Just donated via ETH. Please check.

  2. Big fan of your encodes. Love your work. Small size encodes with the best quality possible, I recommended your site to all of my friends. I would like to help you in every way i could, As of now i couldn’t donate but would definitely donate in next couple of days.

    Seeding your recent torrent: Iron Fist season 2 720p x265(Ratio 1400 and going). Would seed it as long as i could.

    Love from Bulgaria

  3. Hello team,

    Thank you for your awesome work last couple of years. You guys deserve donations. Sent some ETH.

    I might sound selfish but I’m looking for chuck. Please encode whenever you can.

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