First of all let me thank all the kind donators in supporting us.

We made $500 and using that we got 3 new servers and it is time we give back what we got by accepting requests.

Note: Please request TV shows(popular and Preferably ended) shows only as everybody can enjoy them and only one request at a time.

17 Replies to “Requests

  1. Glad to hear that. You guys deserve it. Made small contribution myself too 😛

    Please do look into True blood as it has already 1 season uploaded and it has over 200K reviews so considering it popular.

  2. I should say ” YOU TOOK ME BY SURPRISE”. Never saw any site being so transparent. Most of the site owners asks for donations and never give anything in return and you definitely proved that you are not one of those guys.

    I’m not in a position to donate so i haven’t but will make sure to donate in future.

    My request is Narcos Season 3 BluRay 1080p.

    Thanks for everything guys

  3. This is a great initiative. I completely agree with Dave. You da best and i mean it.

    If you have time look into SWAT. Once again Thanks

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